About Us

NPC ALLIANCE CORPORATION (NPCA) was established in August of 2005 as a world-class polyethylene plant in the Philippines. The Plant and property presently occupy 187,200 square meters within PAFC Industrial Park Barangay Batangas II Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines.

Today NPC Alliance Corporation is a dynamic player in the Petrochemical Industry, working hard and providing high-quality resin to meet the worlds rapidly increasing demand.

Using the world-renowed and award-winning INEOS Innovene Gas-Phase Technology, The plant can produce 250,000 tonnes of polyethylene resins annually. 

NPCA produces premium quality, high-performance polyethylene resin employing the safest and most environmentally sound polyethylene process in the world.

NPCA is composed of two identical trains, which use two types of catalysts. Each train produces complementary products resulting in a diverse array of HDPE and LLDPE grades.

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